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I will tell you that my blog contains much.
homoeroticism. I ship Superbat & Spirk so hard for example..
night and day
I'm fascinated by comics
especially: ●Batman(all Batfamily) ●Nightwing ●Superman ●Flash I also like others but these are the ones that steal my attention all the time..

you and I
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Supes & Bats
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

"She’s the urban, hard-edged cynic to Clark’s idealistic, empathic heartland guy. The two of them are a study in contrasts — he’s all heart, masking a keen brain, she’s all brain, masking a warm heart — so they strike sparks and they compete and the challenge one another and they both get to show off their strengths."
Kurt Busiek


When i hear / read / see something so exciting and i cannot even express my excitement with words or actions i just…



hello if you are confused or uncomfortable today please gaze at these kittens


- Titans #26

Dick walking outside Jesse’s quarters at Titans Tower, whirling some gadget around his finger. He’s waiting for her to finish her phone call. It’s a little curious, but he anticipated that she needs help and Dick is all for helping his friends.


From Detective Comics #723

I love Dick’s pose.


comic book meme - 5 male characters [5/5]
Jason Todd

"Oh, my goodness gracious! I’ve been bamboozled!"


happy moment


Inspired by this and this.


Stardust (2007) - Matthew Vaughn

damn i really LOVE henry in this movie :D